You’re Good


You’re Good

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If you are a fan of yogurt, you must visit the cafe located at Jalan Dipati Ukur. Yup, Your Good Cafe serves a variety of yogurt variant menus at affordable prices. The interior and wall design of the cafe is also made with pastel colors (similar to yogurt), thus increasing the comfort of customers who visit.


In addition to offering domestic food and beverage products, this cafe also has a menu from Western. The main menu of Sydwic Cafe is Shrimp with raw chili sauce which is very tasty. The location is on Jalan Cilaka, Riau, Bandung, and you can visit starting at seven in the morning.

Pay Attention to Lighting When Taking Photos
If you are going to take photos in a corner or cafe spot, pay attention to the lighting factors. Try to choose a place that is not too bright or dim, so it does not require excessive editing. Also choose the right angle to produce the best photos.


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