Watch out! The Fear of Buying a Cheap Car, This Tips to Avoid It


Watch out! The Fear of Buying a Cheap Car, This Tips to Avoid It

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There are only ways for people to make a profit. Even various modules are carried out for the sake of scooping up the rupiah coffers, such as fraud under the guise of cheap cars that have recently been preached.

Getting a cheap car that fits the bag is fun. But keep in mind, the more unreasonable the price of an item, the higher the potential for fraud.

Deception mode of buying cheap cars is not new anymore. Latest, allegations of deception to buy a cheap car is already taking quite a number of victims.

Chronology of Hundreds of People Affected by Deception Mode Buy Cheap Cars

As detikartews report, cheap car fraud mode is happening in Bandung, West Java. Head of Criminal Investigation Unit Bandung AKBP, M Rifai, said that at least there were approximately 295 people who were victims of alleged cheap car fraud.

The alleged fraudulent mode of buying cheap cars is through the ‘flash sale’ promo that was held by Akumobil, in the city of Bandung. The price of a cheap car offered for one unit by an Akumobil dealer is even less than one hundred million rupiah.

The price of the cheap car is priced around Rp. 50 million per unit. Inevitably the cheap car offered by Akumobil was invaded by buyers who crave can immediately have a car at an affordable price.

According to the report, after Akumobil customers paid money starting from Rp. 50 million to buy the car, but for the next 2-3 months, the cheap car units that were bought did not arrive. No doubt billions of rupiahs of money were floating.

For this case, the Bandung Criminal Investigation Police have set one suspect as the main director at Akumobil with the initials BR suspected of committing the practice of cheap car fraud.

Beware of Cheap Car Fraud Mode

Even though this cheap car scam is not the first time, and it has become an old story, of course, it is still repeated over time.

That is, if the price offered is not reasonable, aka far cheaper than the price in general, then the logic must be questioned. How? What is wrong? How come?

The logic that must be used when buying a product, especially those that are expensive, the first step that must be considered is to look carefully at everything. Yes, if the price of the car is also hundreds, then there are those who sell only tens of millions, can it be trusted?

Back again, preventing and avoiding the alleged fraud must be of yourself, with caution and smart in buying something.


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