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Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 18 English And Urdu Subtitles

Great Seljuk episode 17 review

The 16th episode ended at the peak point when Markos attacked the Kinik Tribe people. Basulu Hatun was injured badly. Selcuklu Episode 18 Sanjar and Malik Tapar started crying, but Basulu’s voice became a ray of hope. Khawaja Nizam ul Mulk trapped Hassan Sabbah. He placed the book openly on the table where Hassan entered Khwaja’s office and grabbed the book but was caught red-handed by Khawaja. Everyone knew he was Head Dai. Hassan Sabbah knew the castle’s secret pathways, so he managed to trick Khawaja Nizam and ran away.


Hassan Sabbah

Selcuklu Episode 18 everyone in Isfahan was alerted about the traitor Hassan Sabbah. Malik Shah sent his alps to find Hassan dead or alive. Hassan Sabbah told Sadiq to ask the Fidais to come out of their houses and fight against the Seljuks. Sultan Malik Shah asked Zubaida Hatun to take charge of the castle.
Sanjar asked his alps to take his mother back to the tribe. He followed the marks of Christians who attacked and killed them all.

Zubaida Hatun

Though Zubaida Hatun ordered everyone in the castle to stay awake and remain in their rooms, Gawker Hatun roamed around when she was about to be attacked by her maid. Selcuklu Episode 18 zubaida Hatun came there and saved Gawher Hatun by killing that maid. Hassan Sabbah chose to escape through the underground water tunnel in the city. On Khawaja Nizam’s advice, Malik Shah ordered to open the water valves to that underground tunnel.

Kinik tribe’s

When Sultan was about to leave the castle, troops informed him about Christians’ attack on the Kinik tribe’s delegation. This enraged Sultan Malik Shah. Sanjar vowed to take revenge on Markos. Behram met Markos and told him about the situation of Seyudduna Hassan Sabbah.

Edge of a lake

The water took Hassan Sabbah to the edge of a lake. Faysal and Behram rescued him. Sanjar’s alps found the place of Markos, and he took them to attack Markos. Hassan Sabbah told Faysal that he would ask for help from Markos.

Sanjar took this responsibility

It came to light that Batini’s were doing something with the gold. Hence, Sultan gave his verdict to check all the gold mines in the city and find that gold. Sanjar took this responsibility, and he went to the mines that were bought by Faysal. They investigated the gold there and suspected two gold boxes.

Ameer ul Tibr

He delivered those boxes to the castle to examine whether that was the same gold they were looking for or not. Faysal got red hot on Sanjar’s act. He asked Ameer ul Tibr to give him his daughter as soon as possible. Ameer forced Turna Hatun to marry Faysal the next day. She kept on resisting, but all went in vain. The next day, she was found unconscious on her bed. On seeing his daughter’s critical situation, Ameer ul Tibr decided to excuse Faysal and stepped back from his words.


Sultan Malik Shah went after Batini’s, and Sanjar found the place where Markos was hiding. War begins, and Seljuk warriors fought bravely and defeated their enemies. Sanjar crossed his road with Markos. Both fought, and Sanjar took Markos to his knees. Sultan Malik Shah and Khawaja Nizam ul Mulk dragged Hassan Sabbah to the edge plateau, where he was asked to accept his defeat. Instead, Hassan Sabbah jumped down the table with his horse.

Well, I am so curious to know what would happen to Markos, and Taj ul Mulk will develop what plan. Also, I am eager to see what does Tarkan Hatun thinks to take revenge on Zubaida Hatun.

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