Tips to Avoid Fraud Buy Cheap Cars


Tips to Avoid Fraud Buy Cheap Cars

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1. What Type of Car?
The first thing to consider when you want to buy a car is what type of car is being sold. Is that the type of cheap car, or even an exclusive alias expensive car.

Of course, between cheap cars and exclusive cars, the price is different, it can even be very different. Between hundreds of millions compared to billions. Then, if anyone offers expensive types of cars at low prices, do you still believe?

For example, the Alphard car with a Brio Satya low-cost green car is a very different type of car, right? The price is definitely far different.

2. What is the Price of the Car Offered?
It also should not go unnoticed is how much the price of the car offered. Does the price of the car match the type or condition of the car? Or even contrary to the standard price that should be the value of the car.

So, pay attention to the selling price of the car, whether it makes sense or not. If what is offered is an exclusive car with the price of hundreds of millions or even billions of rupiah, but sold at a price of only tens of millions in new conditions, it must be watched out. It is quite possible that it is a fraud mode.

For example, Alphard type 3.5 QA / T, whose normal price is around Rp1.8 billion, but is sold or offered at Rp100 million. Of course this will be a big question, right?

How come a car that is known for being quite expensive is only sold for one hundred million? Is this reasonable? Then, does the seller not need profit / profit from the car buying and selling business?

3. How do promos do?
Next, what should be considered is the promo from the dealer. Does the promo make sense? Or even a strange promo.

Promos that don’t make sense in buying and selling cars are promos that are commonly used to buy food or clothes and others, that is buy 1 get free 1. If there is a dealer selling cars with a buy one get one promo, buy car 1 get 1 free car this should be watched out for.

4. See Is The Car New or Used?
The price of a new car with a used car is of course different. Certainly the price of a used car is cheaper than a new car. Therefore, paying attention to the condition of the cars being sold, whether new or used is very important.

Do not be easily tempted by offering new cars that cost the same as used cars. It’s better to be careful before buying it than to regret later.

5. What Is the Car Dealer’s Track Record Like?
Well, that should not go unnoticed is how the track record of the car dealer. Is the car dealer official? Has there never been a case in buying and selling cars? How long has the car dealer been in operation? And others.

Get a dream car without tricks

Have your own car in this day and age is needed. Especially when you have a family, so it will be easier, more practical, and hassle-free when traveling with family. But when deciding to buy a private car, never carelessly, that is, as long as it is cheap, the important thing is that you can quickly get a car.

But if it turns out the price does not make reasonable cheapness, instead of the car immediately in hand, might tens of millions of money just like that. Loss? Definitely. So pay close attention to how to buy the right car, so you avoid the tricky cheap cars.


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