Thorough, Not All Discounts Are Always Right


Thorough, Not All Discounts Are Always Right

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What does it mean? Usually, the seller will increase the selling price first before giving a discount. Rise is not half-hearted, can double. For example, the price of the pants before Rp200 thousand per piece increased to Rp400 thousand per piece. Then sold at a 50% discount. So actually the price after the discount is the same as the initial price of 200 thousand. That means, there is no discount.

Other tactics by giving a massive discount of 80% for example. However, writing is often found 50% + 30%. For example, the price of goods is Rp1 million. Get a discount of 50% + 30%, then the selling price will be only 200 thousand? Turned out wrong. That’s not how you count it.

If the initial price is Rp1 million, the calculation is discounted 50% to Rp500 thousand. Then discounted again 30% from Rp500 thousand to Rp350 thousand. If calculated from the initial price of Rp1 million, consumers actually only get a 65% discount. Now, this practice does not mean the seller is lying. That is their trick, only you as consumers must be smarter.

Be a Smart Buyer
Be sure to consider some of the above before finally deciding to buy discounted goods. Do not be inconvenient, then you go crazy shopping until the money runs out, the bag bursts which ultimately leads to regret. So a wise and smart buyer in managing finances and seeing a massive rush of discounts.


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