The Most Wah Plane Cabin in the World, Guaranteed to Make Betah Passengers Fly


The Most Wah Plane Cabin in the World, Guaranteed to Make Betah Passengers Fly

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For airplane passengers, besides the safety factors, comfort is also very important. Especially if you fly for hours. A comfortable airplane cabin with spacious head and legroom can certainly make passengers feel at home.

Airlines are currently competing to provide comfort to passengers through adequate cabin design and facilities. Airplane cabin innovation is now getting better quality.

The name is service business, the priority is customer satisfaction with the service. But usually a spacious airplane cabin with luxurious amenities you can enjoy if you use a first class flight. The price is, of course, comparable to that offered.

1. Etihad Airways

The cabin of the airline from the United Arab Emirates, Etihad Airways named The Residence. The extent of about 120 square feet.

The cabin is equipped with a living room, a bathroom with a shower, and personal services. There is also a special room called The Apartment for important passengers, such as state officials and artists.

2. All Nippon Airways

The airline from Sakura has a different type of cabin compared to other airlines. There is a luxurious suite for passengers as entertainment. In addition, you are also offered food and drinks that are guaranteed to be delicious and delicious.

The menu served includes typical Japanese food, as well as western cuisine. There is also a double bed for passengers who want to rest.

3. Singapore Airlines

Singapore Airlines is included in the list of airlines that have the best cabin in its class. First class service from Singapore Airlines is very privacy.

The seats can be used as a bed, as well as entertainment services. Not only that, the airline has a full service for passengers, both in economy and business class.


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