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The Last Man boss talks “disrupting the binary” in Disney+ show

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Y: The Last Man‘s showrunner Eliza Clark has talked about how she’s been “disrupting the binary” with the new post-apocalyptic show dropping on Disney+ and Hulu.

Having drawn from the real-life experience of COVID-19, Clark told TVLine: “The show is about identity and how that shifts in a crisis, and asking questions about what parts of your identity are innate and what parts are imposed. A lot of those are questions we’ve been asking ourselves in COVID.”

The show is adapted from the comic of the same name by Brian K. Vaughan and Pia Guerra, following what happens after “a cataclysmic event decimates all but one cisgender male, Yorick Brown (Ben Schnetzer) and his pet monkey,” and will follow the other survivors trying to figure out what to do going forward.

Although the show follows “the last man”, Clark wanted to update the source material to make sure that sex and gender were not equated. She said, “We’ve learned a lot in the last 20 years since the book was written.”

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“It was really important to me to make a show that didn’t equate chromosomes to gender, because they are two separate things. We remind the audience early and often that Yorick is not the last man, but he is the last person with a Y chromosome,” she continued, as trans men do exist in the show.

Although disrupting the gender binary was important, the showrunners also disrupted the binary when it came to discussions about race, policing, prisons, and politics.

“The show is interested in disrupting binary thinking in all ways. We talk about it a lot with gender, but human beings are meaning-makers, and we like to assign categories to people. We take the binary of Democrat and Republican, which has become so polarised and so intense recently, and we show that there’s divisions within those categories.”

Y: The Last Man will air on Disney+ from September 22.

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