Thai Airways


Thai Airways

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In addition to Singapore Airlines, Thai Airlines has also entered the ranks of the elite airlines in the world. It is surprising because in recent years, the achievements of the airline from Thailand’s White Elephant Affairs have continued to soar, leaving competitors in the Southeast Asian region.

Thai Airlines cabin service can be juxtaposed with other airlines in the world. For the first class cabin service is Royal First. This luxurious cabin can be found when riding a Thai Airlines Boeing 474 and AirBus A380 aircraft. You can enjoy entertainment, beds, free food and drinks.

Qatar Airways

Since its founding in 1993, the airline Qatar Airways has been at the forefront of comfort. This premium privilege makes Qatar Airways still the most superior compared to other airlines.

In the aircraft cabin, there is a super comfortable bed to rest. The food menu that is served is also directly processed from the hands of the best chefs. In addition, there are also more than 1,000 entertainment options.


Another airline from the United Arab Emirates that has competitiveness and a large customer base in the world is Emirates.

Using the concept of first class service and inspired by the model of one of the European car brands, Emirates designed the aircraft cabin more like a hotel in the air.

This is evidenced by the complete personal facilities in the cabin, ranging from the bathroom, bedroom, to a place of relaxation for the passengers.

Passengers can also enjoy the best wine when using the services of the Emirates airline.

Delta Airlines

One of the best airlines from the United States (US), namely Delta Airlnes. Airlines that serve long-haul (intercontinental) flight routes also have advantages in the aircraft cabin.

The impression of an exclusive and stylist must appear in his cabin even though it is not decorated with many ornaments. But the quality of seats and other supporting facilities is enough to make passengers comfortable on the plane.

Use Travel Insurance and Credit Cards
Fly using luxury cabin facilities from five-star airlines less afdol without travel insurance. This insurance will protect your flight or trip from various risks, such as accidents, missed flights, missed luggage, and other risks.

Likewise if you want more savings. You can use credit cards for promo programs, such as discounts or cashback on purchasing airline tickets in collaboration with airlines.


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