I love neru’s lyrics so much.
I love how they’re complicated, emotional, and yet so easily conversational. It’s crazy, they’re just so good.

That being said! ….they’re always super hard to sing and I only did this one because I really really really wanted to try it despite the difficulty. (This song is close to my heart to say the least)

So I hope you can look past my voice to see how wonderful this song’s message is! ;;

PS. I even encourage looking up an original translation if you really like it (because I strayed on some parts to fit)

— Lyrics —
Tried to write a letter full of things I never really
Thought about in words before
Wanna send it to the person I become and
Maybe one day it’ll reach the door

But where is it supposed to go?
And where am I? I don’t even know
Never wondered much
But now I’m stuck with all these funny feelings

Turned into the kind of person you had always hated?
Well I wonder how it feels
To hear the heavens laughing at you as they
Point their fingers down at you and start to jeer

“Why don’t you shut your ugly mouth and just go?”
“Don’t wanna see you! Get outta my way!”
All the bitter things
Start to hurt a little more and turn you grey

Couldn’t take all of it in, blinded from love, turned away
To be stuck facing these walls, true terrorism stays
I’m always singing out a tune
No, screaming ‘til I’m blue and cry
To hear you think and say that all of it’s a lie
You wouldn’t mind then if I fire away?
To feel the weight?

So now we’re getting ready steady go! Returning what they throw
Reaching for every single dream they answered with a “no”
Betting it all, my heart, upon this
So go and make a joke and get it out! But see who’s laughing now?
Leading a rally on a life, coup d’etat
And by the end, we’d find out that nobody wins
A brand new day to show we can fight back

Ya know, I always thought that all the things around
me would be different if I wrote a song
Giving all I had inside me, ain’t it crazy
how amazingly I went along?

“I’ll rule the world and do it all on my own”
Nobody really talks about that, you know?
Guess it’s really true
Even stupid people wouldn’t dream of that

Couldn’t leave or get away, running from fear in the crowd
All I heard was empty, letting terrorism out
So they would leave me here to stay
No, I would run away from them
If it’s the only chance that I’ve got left
And if I’m standing on a crumbling hill
Would you forgive?

So now we’re getting ready steady go! Returning what they throw
Leaving behind the voices keeping you down with a “no”
Crying to you for help, I’m going down
So go and make a joke and get it out! But see who’s laughing now?
Started a fire from a room, now rising on up
And by the end, we’re fighting ourselves not big men
A brand new day to show we can break out

So even if you’re broken up inside
You gotta stand and fight
‘Cause it’s the only heart you’ve got and might’ve forgotten
That a life shines brightly, that’s what makes it life!

So even if you’re tearing at the seems or falling to your knees
Just remember that it shows you’re trying to move ahead
And by the end, the people who laugh aren’t your friends
And yet even then, the world goes around and starts over again
Don’t you know?
Don’t you know?
Reply to me and tell me so!

Source by JubyPhonic

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