Some of the Best Instagramable Cafe choices in the City of Bandung


Some of the Best Instagramable Cafe choices in the City of Bandung

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As one of the largest cities in Indonesia, Bandung has its own allure for young people. Besides being famous for being a fashion city, Bandung, which has a distinctive mountain climate, has many diverse food and beverage menus.

No wonder the city of Bandung has many cafes scattered, both in urban and suburban areas. Not only provides a variety of foods and drinks that are certainly delicious, cafes in Bandung also have interesting places or spots.

1. Please Please Please

The first cafe that you can visit in Bandung is located at Jalan Progo Number. 37 Bandung. Cafe Please Please Please open from seven in the morning until ten in the evening. Food and drinks at this hangout range from Rp 29 thousand to Rp 65 thousand.

This place is unique in its exterior aspect which is quite interesting. There are also sentence quotes in each corner of the wall. Cafe Please Please Please also has a variety of menus, ranging from traditional to international menus at affordable prices for young people of Bandung.

2. Same with Coffee

For those of you young people of the city of Bandung who like to hang out and drink coffee, Same with Coffee can be an interesting place that can be visited. Located in Mall Cihampelas Walk, this Coffee Shop provides a unique and very foresty atmosphere. There are plants and flowers in this place that make you feel more comfortable.

Open every day, Same as Coffe open every day starting at nine in the morning. In this place you can enjoy a variety of coffee menus such as mochaccino, espresso, and many others. For food, you can order fried rice, grilled rice, and beef burgers.

3. One Eight Coffee and Music

For those of you who are visiting the Dago area, Bandung City, One Eight Coffee and Music can be a recommended hangout.

Besides having a great menu of food and drinks, this place has instagenic spots. Suitable to be a place to gather with family and beloved lovers.

One Eight Coffee And Music has a large place to accommodate large numbers of visitors. You can also enjoy music that is provided by the cafe manager to accompany a relaxing time. The price of the menu is also very affordable, starting from IDR 24 thousand to IDR 99 thousand.


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