Realize Your Signs of Debt Are Already Stacking up


Realize Your Signs of Debt Are Already Stacking up

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In this day and age, the ability to shop for necessities is increasingly facilitated with the help of a credit system. The types of assistance are also very diverse.

Starting from credit cards, Unsecured Loans (KTA), Home Ownership Loans (KPR), etc., you can choose to ‘provide’ your money needs. Indeed, with the help of credit, activities to meet your needs become much easier and more practical.

But, the name is also debt, the bill of course you should be able to pay off later. By using a credit facility, the nominal amount that must be paid is certainly more than the amount you are using.

You should also think carefully beforehand. By finding out the financial capabilities so that credit bills can be paid on time.

Even so, it is not uncommon for cases that the number of bills of credit held has exceeded the limits of financial ability. As a result, the financial condition is in a mess because the debt has accumulated.

You certainly do not expect that to happen, right? Therefore, know the characteristics that your debt has accumulated and also how to overcome them so that financial conditions remain under control.

1. Salary Direct Ludes Shortly After Salary
The clearest sign when a debt is over-piling is when your income runs out once the salary is received each month. Unconsciously eroded salary to pay off existing bills.

Therefore, you become unable to have the remaining funds that can be used for saving or investing needs, even to meet the main needs. So, it is better to make monthly accounting records consisting of detailed income and expenses.


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