Pity! Football Players Died While Compete. Is there your idol?


Pity! Football Players Died While Compete. Is there your idol?

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As a big fan of soccer, missing his idol competed on the gridiron as if it were taboo. Willing to stay up all night to see the football club and its favorite players competing were answered.

The noise and the cheers were unbearable when his favorite player or favorite club managed to put a goal in the opponent’s goal. It was, do not be asked! Like winning billions of lottery and showering just bills.

That’s the picture of pleasure when the favorite soccer player or team wins. But, still, whose name is happy there will also always be a side that makes the fans of these sepals ball thrilling blue.

As if made unable to say another word when he found a favorite soccer player must stop competing forever. And sad again, the accident occurred when the idol footballer was showing his expertise in the ball on the field.

Yes, the idol must exhale last. There will be no more matches to play. There were no more goals he created. Sad. Yes, it really makes me sad.

Of course, the occurrence of soccer players who died when competing on the field was not only soccer players in Indonesia but also foreign players.

Indonesian Football Players Who Died when Compete

There are several Indonesian soccer players who have lost their lives when competing on the field for various reasons. The Indonesian soccer players who died included:

1. Alfin Lestaluhu (U-16 national team)

The latest is the Indonesian soccer player from the U-16 national team who had to exhale his last at a very young age. One of the mainstay players of Indonesia who was born on December 18, 2004 died but not while competing in the field, but because he suffered from a brain infection.

As reported by Liputan6, Alfin, who died at the age of 15, was hospitalized at Harapan Kita Hospital, West Jakarta, and exhaled his last breath at approximately 22.00 West Indonesia Time on Thursday, October 31, 2019.

The achievement Alfin has made that makes the Indonesian U-16 national team proud is his success scoring against the Philippines in the AFC U-2020 qualifying round match at Madya Stadium, Jakarta. On September 16, 2019. At that time, Indonesia won 4-0 over the Philippines.

Goodbye Alfin, calm down there. Thank you for your dedication to the name of the Indonesian people. Your name will continue to be remembered on our Garuda chest.

2. Choirul Huda (Persela Lamongan)

Lamongan Persela goalkeeper, Choirul Huda, had to exhale his last breath when competing against his team’s rivals, namely football club Semen Padang FC. He died on November 15, 2017 due to suspected injury to the chest, head and neck, due to accidentally hit by a teammate kick while securing the ball.

Choirul Huda breathed his last at the age of 38 years. The man who was born in Lamongan, 2 June 2019, has been working in Persela Lamongan since 1999.


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