Overseas Football Players Who Died While Compete


Overseas Football Players Who Died While Compete

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It’s not just Indonesia that has lost its best soccer player. Several other countries must also be willing to lose their soccer players, which left sorrow for their nationals and admirers throughout the world. The foreign soccer players who died included:

1. Peter Biaksangzuala (Bethlehem Vengthlang FC)

A footballer from the club Bethlehem Vengthlang FC, Peter Biaksangzuala, from India, had to take his life on the gridiron when dealing with Chanmari West. Not because of injury when attacking the ball to the opponent, but he died after celebrating with a somersault score.

The man who was born in Khawzawl, India, on September 12, 1991, breathed his last at the age of 23 years, on October 10, 2014 ago.

2. Victor Brannstrom (Pitea IF)

The soccer player at the Swedish Pitea IF club, Victor Brannstrom, also had to end his career due to injury when playing against the Umedalen team on September 2, 2012. He last breathed at the age of 29 years at that time.

3. Piermario Morosini (U.S. Livorno Calcio)

When suffering from an injury that claimed his life, Piermario Morosini, this as an Italian midfielder Livorno Calcio who was loaned from the Udinese club. He died at the age of 25 on April 14, 2012 due to a heart attack.

4. Hrvoje Custic (HNK Cibalia)

Footballer from Croatian HNK club from Croatia, Hrvoje Custic, also suffered an injury while competing on the gridiron due to severe head injuries due to hit the stadium wall on March 29, 2008. He was treated intensively in hospital and last breathed on April 3, 2009 at the age of 25 years.

5. Antonio Puerta (Seliva)

The Spanish player who had to exhale his last while defending the Seliva club also suffered a heart attack injury when grazing on the gridiron. He died on August 28, 2007 at the age of 22 years.


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