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Lucifer boss on how season 6’s finale changed from original plan

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Lucifer spoilers follow.

Lucifer wasn’t always set to end with season 6, but after Netflix offered the show one final season, showrunners Joe Henderson and Ildy Modrovich jumped at the chance to give fans a proper goodbye.

But before an additional 10 episodes were given the green light, Henderson and Modrovich had already written Lucifer‘s series finale.

Now, with Lucifer‘s final season released, the show’s bosses have explained how much – or how little – the drama’s ending borrowed from their original plan a season earlier.

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“I mean, essentially it is the same,” Modrovich admitted to Collider, revealing that Tom Ellis and Lauren German‘s final Deckertar scenes had always been written that way.

“The same way we ended season six was how it was going to end in season five, but just the end point.”

While Lucifer and Chloe’s hellish ever after presumably stayed the same, some plots were given a little more room to breathe than season five would’ve allowed.

“For instance, Ella, she did find out about the truth, but in season five, it was that she was babysitting Charlie and Charlie’s wings came out, you know what I mean? And then Linda and Amenadiel come home and they’re like, ‘Oh, we might need to explain something,’ Ildy revealed.

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“So it was a very small mini-encapsulated version of what she went through in season six – and that was the same for all our characters. We got to really, really go through the ups and downs of all of that.”

Grateful for the extra time Lucifer‘s concluding episodes gave the characters, the series boss added: “We really got to spend the time to say goodbye to these characters that we love. Maze and Eve, in our original season five mini-ending, they were just going to get on a motorcycle and ride off into the sunset, but we got to have a wedding.

“We got to have an entire journey with them… That’s true of just all of our characters.”

Lucifer seasons 4, 5, and 6 are available to watch now on Netflix. Catch up on seasons 1-4 via Amazon Prime Video.

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