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What is identity? It’s who you are and how you think
It doesn’t stay the same all the time
Identity is elusive, it changes in response to where we are
Strauss told us that in 1959
Labels are identity; gender, culture, disability
A paradox of support versus the barriers
If we form a good identity, it’s linked to life experiences
Life stories integrate the past, the present and future

Identity begins before we’re born; our name is chosen,
our gender known
Then there’s a recognition that we exist
That’s ‘existential self’ (William James, 1893)
Name, age, gender – ‘Catagorical self’ comes after
Cooley says we take it in, all the things other people do
The ‘looking glass self’ is how we see ourselves
But are we the same in front of others, as when we’re alone?
Performed or private? Says Goffman.

Children develop agency and realise the importance of ‘me’
Within Holloway and Valentine’s ‘human geography’
There are four ways they can construct their identity; Weigert et al
Biographical; situational; institutional; historical and cultural
But how do we support them? What can we learn from theory?
It starts with attachment, 1988, says Bowlby
And Every Child Matters supports emotional identity
How we interact can help them to develop their agency

Build self esteem by using high levels of warmth
and low levels of criticism
Self esteem then leads to resilience
Grotberg, 1995 describes protective factors
Vygotsky says children grow into the lives of those around them
If you give them labels it can be a self-fulfilling prophecy
Excluded children case study says the team should be multi agency
Participation; collaboration and circle time
Help children belong – like with the PLUS charity

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