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Candy thnx pls

It’s a little early but all of October is a holiday for me so Happy Halloween! I’m not sure what I’m actually gonna do for the 31st yet so it could either be a crazy night or spent just passing candy out to kids. Probably the latter. I also was in such a hurry that I made a few errors in this cover without noticing. The main line was supposed to just have one “Happy” but by the time I’d recorded and edited everything, I realized my mistake. By then, it was too late and I just kept it. My brain has been so out of it lately, I guess it was bound to happen. Hopefully I’ll be able to take a break soon and get my head together. Especially since it’s my favorite holiday coming up! (I’ll be the living dead by then)

I did a bunch of ad-libs for this song at 4 AM last night so hopefully I won’t regret it!

✦ Music/Lyrics: Junky
✦ Movie: Parmy
✦ Illustration: Chiho-P
✦ Original: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Dcgc…

✦ Vocals/Lyrics/Mix/Sub: Juby
✦ Translation Reference: Vervain Subs/Tosiaki

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Hey c’mon, it’s getting dark so why not start

Our trip tonight, do you think we’ll be alright?

So you see, they kinda put a spell on me

Tonight I crave the candy that the humans give away

Now the air is growing foggy everywhere

Oh will they rise and gather here tonight?

Holding back, no I didn’t eat a single snack

But once a year and now it’s here

Count 1 and 2, it tolls for you

Begin to stir you little spooky monsters

On this day, they let us play

And now you know so into town we go!

‘Cause it’s Happy Happy Halloween

We’re gonna prank and play so DING and DONG

Here maybe there and a TRICK OR TREAT

Gimme all your candy THNX PLS

‘Cause it’s Happy Happy Halloween

We’re gonna light a pumpkin, raise the dead

Even tired Jack’ll dance

til the morning comes again

‘Cause it’s Happy Happy Halloween

Ghostly veggies dancing LA LA LA

Door to door we’ll TRICK OR TREAT

Chocolate is all that I need

‘Cause it’s Happy Happy Halloween

So welcome to the Other Side

Even tired Jack’ll sing

So Hey Let’s trick or treat

More and more, I want to eat

Spooky ghosts so full of greed

What? No more? So close the door

Here’s what you get for NO TREATS…a trick

Now for any families never giving candy

Throw the toilet paper, laughing, wrapping everything

Lighting up the night sky, lanterns burning alive

All we want is candy

So Let’s Party Tonight

See because it’s Happy Halloween

Rock around the clock with TIC and TOCK

Here maybe there and a TRICK OR TREAT

See pumpkin pie in my dreams

‘Cause it’s Happy Halloween

We’re gonna go all night, so wake the dead

Even tired Jack’ll wait

Til the morning comes again

See it’s Happy Happy Halloween

‘Cause it’s Happy Happy Halloween

‘Cause it’s Happy Happy Halloween

Now it’s Happy Halloween

So come on, Let’s Trick or Treat

Rolling out, red candy bleeds

So tonight, don’t fall asleep

Source by JubyPhonic

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