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Great Seljuk Episode 20 with English & Urdu Subtitles

Previous Episode 19 Review

The 19th episode of the Great Seljuk starts with the fighting sequel between the Batini’s and Seljuk. This scene began when Sanjar held Sultan Malik Shah on the ground while Hassan Sabbah ordered his followers to open arrows and kill them. The very next moment Balban and other special alps of Sanjar appear in the place to help them. They decided to take Malik Shah to Link Tribe because his situation was not good. During the fight, Faysal was attacked by Sanjar, and he also seemed fighting death. Hassan Sabbah managed to escape with him with some men. But he takes his son alone.
Markos found Hassan Sabbah and Faysal, but the only thing he was concerned about was the secrets that were in the vault.

Breakdown of Sultan’s heath

Great Seljuk Episode 20 When the breakdown of Sultan’s health is heard in the castle, everyone worried and wanted to see Malik Shah. Tarkan Hatun insisted on going to Link Tribe, but Zubaida Hatun stopped her. Khwaja Nizam il Mulk handed over the castle to Zubaida Hatun and left to see Sultan.

Basulu Hatun

When Sanjar and his Alps took Malik shah to the tribe with injuries, everyone panicked, and he and the injured alps were taken to the tent for treatment. Basulu Hatun also entered the tent and advised the Doctor preparing the healing medicine for malik Shah.

Khwaja Nizam ul Mulk

Sabbah took Faisal and Markos to the cave near there. They also informed Livia about the happenings. Khwaja Nizam ul Mulk advised Sanjar to stay focused and keep alps united in this dangerous hour. Great Seljuk Episode 20 Khwaja updated Turna Hatun that Sultan was poisoned and she should look after him. Even, she expressed her anger towards Sanjar in the same scene.
Tarkan Hatun went crazy on Taj ul Mulk for not looking after the security of castle.

Khwaja sent Sanjar after the enemies

Great Seljuk Episode 20 The doctors were doing their best or speedy recovery of Sultan. But it was tough to recognize the type and reality of the poison. One more Doctor named Bartu is called. Khwaja sent Sanjar after the enemies to not let them reach to the secret papers before enemies.
Taj ul Mulk also plans a conspiracy in the castle. On the other side, Sanjar was too sad for Turna Hatun misunderstood him.

Hassan Sabbah comes

Hassan Sabbah comes to know the strategy of Sanjar. Taj ul Mulk sends him the briefing about what was going in the castle. The commander who allied with Taj ul Mulk had a bitter conversation with Zubaida Hatun. Hence, she killed him right away, saying that there was no place for traitors in the castle.

Tapar and Turns Hatun

The common masses of the state were also curious about Sultan’s health. But Effendi calmed them down and made them understand the situation. Tapar and Turns Hatun took Doctor Bartu to the tribe to heal Sultan Malik Shah. He guides Turna about healing medicine. They did not know that the Batini’s followed them and were aware of whole activities.

Taj ul Mulk in the Forrest

Then, there is again a fight sequel to add more thrill and action the episode. Sanjar found Taj ul Mulk in the Forrest, and he came to know about Taj ul Mulk’s dark side. Sabbah took the secret papers with him. At the same time, Sanjar and Taj ul Mulk were still fighting with each other. Edugudu told about the signs of Crausders and Sanjar left taj ul Mulk and went ahead with his Alps.

Doctor Bartu

A ray of hope went across the Kinik Tribe when Doctor Bartu went there for saving Sultan.
On their way, a man told Sanjar that Mathews could lead them to the secret vault. Though all the doctors did their best to weaken the effects of poison, they weren’t successful. Sanjar was now after Mathews. He saw him in the area where he offered Livia to stay. He killed Mathews, but he already had told him about the place of secret vault.

Zubaida was concerned

Zubaida was concerned that after Malik Shah, Sanjar was the strongest candidate to take over the throne. The Crusade king also broke his promise with Seljuk traders. The Christians plan to attack Seljuk.
Basulu Hatun held the hand of Sultan Malik Shah, and he dreamt about future aspirations. In a flashback, the father of Sultan advised him and also appreciated him for his achievements.

After an extended plan

After an extended plan, Sanjar realized that the secret papers were about to be handed to Albert. Sanjar aimed to get them back.
Christians and Fidiai were happy because they had the secret papers and could easily break the Seljuk Dynasty. But Sanjar, Khwaja and their army attacked them.

Seljuk Dynasty

Basulu was preparing medicine for Sultan when Sultan opened his eyes and called Basulu. At the very moment, Tarkan Hatun and Mahmalik entered the tent, and Sultan again became unconscious. Tarkan Hatun forced Basulu to turn around.

Expectation from Episode 20

Fellas, I am interested to know the reaction of Tarkan Hatun if she knows that the healer isBasulu Hatun. Suppose you want to know whether Khwaja Nizam ul Mulk opens the secret if Sanjar and Basulu are not. I can’t wait to rejoice the war of Fidais, Christians and Seljuks.
Stay connected with Historic Series to quench your thirst to know further.

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