Enjoy Quality Time with Quality Korean Drama Treats at Viu


Enjoy Quality Time with Quality Korean Drama Treats at Viu

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Compared to other applications, it can be said that Viu is the application most loved by Korean drama lovers at the moment. The reason is that the Viu app gives users the satisfaction of watching Korean dramas online.

Similar to the Snaptube application, Viu also provides a variety of interesting features, namely:

You can also choose the genre of Korean drama you want to watch.
The quality of the video can be chosen according to the user’s wishes or the quality of the internet network they have.
Starting from the usual quality or SD to video with sharp images or HD can be adjusted by yourself when using the Viu application. This is certainly very much needed by Indonesian people who sometimes have slow internet speeds or limited internet quotas.

However, the disadvantages of the Viu application may be only one, that is, you have to be a member of the application in order to get the best service. If not, usually Korean dramas that are watched become less fast and less comfortable to be enjoyed properly.

Spend time relaxing watching Korean drama on Viki Rakuten

For those who are still confused about how to watch Korean dramas online, maybe you can try the Viki Rakuten application. This application provides various interesting features, such as:

Various types of films and shows are available here.
Not only presents Korean shows, Viki Rakuten also presents a variety of television shows originating from other Asian countries, such as Japan, China, and so on. That way, when you feel bored with the drama storyline you are watching, you can turn your attention briefly to television shows in these countries.

Various language choices.
In the application, you can choose a language setting of up to 200 languages ​​which can be freely chosen.

Option to become a premium user if you want to watch higher quality Korean dramas.
By becoming a premium user of the Viki Rakuten application, you can determine the picture quality of the video being watched even better than when you were a normal user.

Anti Missing Latest Korean Drama Update via Kdrama Application

When compared with other applications, Kdrama has the lowest level of difficulty of use. The reason is because the Kdrama application offers convenience for users to find and choose their own genre of drama to watch. The choice of genre in this application also seems more accurate and complete.

Another advantage of the Kdrama application is the guaranteed quality of the selected language translations. So, you don’t need to worry about the possibility of poor quality subtitles when watching Korean dramas. Even watching can be more easily digested.

The Kdrama application also has a notification feature for those who want to get information about the latest Korean drama updates. Certainly, this makes you never miss a favorite show when the newest series or episode is released.

OnDemandKorea Application that Quickly Updates the Latest Korean Drama Series

As with the application mentioned earlier, the OnDemandKorea application can be used easily by its users. You can search and watch the latest Korean dramas just by taking a few simple steps.

Compared to the others, the OnDemandKorea application has better quality because of the movie update that is fairly flash. Only a few hours away from the official release schedule, the latest Korean drama can be enjoyed on this OnDemandKorea application.

Of course, these advantages can be a special attraction for ‘drakor’ lovers because they can watch their favorite shows soon after they are released.

So, for those who often feel curious and can’t stand to know the story line of the ongoing Korean drama, downloading the OnDemandKorea application can be a good idea to do.

Pamper Your Desire to Watch the Latest Korean Drama by Downloading the Application Above
Korean drama does have its own characteristics compared to dramas produced by other countries. No doubt many of today’s generation are interested in following the story line of their favorite Korean drama.

Therefore, so that love for K-drama is always fulfilled, downloading and installing one of the Korean drama applications above is a good thing to do. That way, you will have the opportunity to continue the Korean drama story that is followed anytime, anywhere.


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