Do not Hurry Lust, Watch This First Before Tempted Big Discount


Do not Hurry Lust, Watch This First Before Tempted Big Discount

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Towards the end of the year, discounts and promos began to scatter. Some e-commerce sites are ready to welcome Online Shopping Day (Harbolnas) on November 11, 2019 (11.11), and the peak on December 12, 2019 (12.12) to stimulate shopping interest. If there is already a discount, who doesn’t glare right away?

The discount temptation is not only crowded during the end of the year, but also when entering a young date or during payday. Most exciting again if there is a big discount of up to 90%. Wow, this isn’t just tempted women, men are also definitely interested.

If it’s a mistake, a month’s salary might be sold out just to buy discounted goods. His alibi “while cheap, whenever again.”

1. Don’t Just Rely on Discounts

A massive discount is one of the marketing strategies of the company so that consumers are interested in buying goods or services that are sold. Legitimate. Just how do you behave as a consumer. This is where the importance of learning doesn’t just rely on discounts. Do not immediately buy because there is a discount, especially for non-necessities.

Believe me the discount does not run even if pursued. Every month there is almost always a discount. So if you miss this month’s discount, there’s definitely more next month. Do not believe? Here, usually the discounts that are scattered, include:

January: New Year discounts
February: Valentine’s Day discount
March: Chinese New Year discount
April: Kartini Day discount
May: Labor Day discounts, National Education Day. In May 2019, there was a Ramadan discount because it coincided with the fasting month.
June: 2019 Lebaran discount and school holiday discounts.
July: New school year academic discounts.
August: Independence Day discount
September: cheerful September discount
October: Youth Oath Day discount
November: Heroes’ Day discount
December: Christmas discounts and New Year’s Eve.
There are also discounts to commemorate National Online Shopping Day (Harbolnas), Jakarta Great Sale, Midnight Sale, welcoming National Customer Day, and many others. So, don’t worry. Save your money to buy necessities at a discount in the right month. It doesn’t have to be this month.

2. Understand the Reasons for Selling Discount Sales

It’s also important for you to know, which is to understand why sellers give large discounts. There are several motives, first, sellers lure discounts because the items do not sell. Second, want to spend the goods with a particular model because it will produce the latest models.

Third, the discount comes because the seller wants to introduce a brand new product so consumers are interested in buying. The fourth reason, because the goods sold are slightly defective, for example in stitches or others. So, first know these motives before you buy so you can determine quality and make a decision whether to buy or not the item.


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