Dana Taspen, Familiarize Yourself with Its Services so that Retirement Life is Guaranteed


Dana Taspen, Familiarize Yourself with Its Services so that Retirement Life is Guaranteed

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In reaching an independent old age life, the only person who can guarantee it is yourself. If not you are preparing savings, investments, and other things in order to be able to bear the cost of living when you are retired. Then it is not impossible you will always ask for livelihood from family and even relatives.

So that this does not happen, then retirement needs to be prepared. Basically, there are many choices that can be determined to prepare for old age. One thing for sure is to set aside current income for future use.

For people who are financially literate, of course they already have a savings fund that is saved to meet a particular need. Well, for those of you who have not been able to do this so that retirement life does not become a burden for children or families.

The planning process of old age has in fact been widely launched by domestic financial companies. One of which is integrated is Taspen or Savings Fund and Civil Servant Insurance.

Knowing that retirement planning is very important, it never hurts to learn the services provided by Taspen for life in the future.

Get to know about Taspen Funds
Some of you may not know or have never heard of what Taspen funds are. In fact, the State-Owned Enterprise has an important enough role to guarantee livelihood later in retirement.

So, it’s a shame if it is not utilized properly by the people of Indonesia.

Founded 56 years ago, precisely on April 17, 1963, PT Dana Taspen is an abbreviation of Savings and Civil Servant Insurance. As the name implies, this state company has a focus on providing services in the form of social insurance to civil servants.

However, along with the high interest of the community and the mission to provide independent pension, the Taspen Fund also helps protect non-PNS workers. Until now, the Taspen Fund has provided many social insurance services to honorary staff working in government agencies.

Continue to Grow to Serve the Indonesian Community
PT Taspen already has up to 6 headquarters and 51 branch offices. The entire Taspen Dana branch office is spread evenly in many parts of Indonesia.

Coupled with a total of 1,748 employees. Of course, to visit the branch office and consult about the services that can be obtained is not difficult to do.

Not only that, PT Taspen also has three subsidiaries or subsidiaries and each of these subsidiaries has a different service focus, according to the needs of its customers. The three subsidiaries include:

1. Taspen Properti Indonesia
As the name implies, Taspen Properti Indonesia has a service focus on the property sector. So, if you need property rental services such as office buildings, convention halls, apartments, shops, etc., you can use the services of this Dana Taspen subsidiary.

2. Taspen Life Insurance
Meanwhile, Taspen Life Insurance provides and offers life protection products. Services provided include old age planning, pension plans, to credit and group life insurance.

That way, you will not be confused looking for Dana Taspen services in the field of property or life protection.

3. Bank Mandiri Taspen
Finally, for Bank Mandiri Taspen, this subsidiary focuses more on business in the banking sector and targets the MSME and pensioner segments. For those who don’t know, Bank Mandiri Taspen is a transition from Bank Sinar. Thus, the services offered by Bank Mandiri Taspen are still in harmony with Bank Sinar.


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