Corona Virus – A New Problem

In China, in 2002 the infectious respiratory disease “SARS” corona virus (CORONAVIRUS) was infected. It affected quite 8,000 people, of which about 800 died. Corona virus severely affects respiration. The virus, also called the center East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), is why some say it transmitted to humans through a breed of camels within the Middle East .

This virus was exposed in 2012. There are many sorts of corona virus, but there are 6 of them and seven sorts of corona virus that are infecting humans.
many people sleep in homes in several cities in China.

The Wuhan capital of the Chinese province of Wuhan (WUHAN) is severely suffering from the attack on the Coronavirus. City buses, metro, trains and ferry services are pack up , with no flights available from the airport to the surface world.

All the railway stations are closed Shahraz Ho, Hubei province, and train service has been suspended in another city, Enshi.
The price from the Corona virus has reached thousands in China, while the amount of victims is within the thousands. Thousands of Pakistani students studying within the streets are affected by severe attacks. ۔

All traffic within the city has been completely closed. Pakistani students are constantly being instructed by the university administration to not leave their rooms and campuses in the least times and take strict precautions. Besides, there’s a requirement for a mask on the mouth when it’s urgently needed. Wear. the govt has also distributed free masks to the citizens, in order that they are shielded from the virus.

This mysterious virus that causes respiratory illness can transmit from one human to a different . To avoid this virus, everyone should wash their hands and mouths every hour. Eat prepared bazaar foods a day and always wear a mask whenever they leave the house.

additionally , gloves must be worn within the hands.
McDonald’s (McDONALDS) in China has closed all its restaurants located in several cities in China immediately. People in Pakistan should be very careful. The Corona virus is invading everywhere Europe. Several cases have surfaced in France. consistent with health experts, a 48-year-old Chinese man from France recently arrived in Wuhan. Came back

Australian authorities have also confirmed the presence of a virus-infected person in their country. The victim returned to Australia from China a couple of days ago. within the US state of Chicago, the Corona virus has attacked several people. Three cases are reported in Singapore thus far , while one has been reported in Nepal. Experts have confirmed the Corona virus in five people.

additionally , two cases are reported in Vietnam and South Korea , while one is reported in Taiwan. In other countries, corona virus-infected cases are being investigated, like the uk , Canada, Malaysia and Pakistan. it’s spread to 30 countries thus far . the amount of infected people has increased to 10 within the us . within the United Arab Emirates, 18 people are suffering from the Corona virus.

consistent with one study, the virus has been transmitted from snakes to humans, while a Chinese medical adviser says it’s spread to mice. a search conducted in China has revealed that the corona virus shines. Eating has transmitted to humans. Fish, snakes, chickens, bats, fish and crab meat and their soup are sold at the fish market located in Wuhan, so it’s likely that the Corona virus transmitted to humans from this fish market. Is .

The Chinese government has immediately sealed the fish market.
The corona virus is triggered by a fever, then the affected person suffers from a dry cough. After seven days, breathing difficulties begin. The virus also causes colds, then gradually develops complications and causes death to the patient. during this case, the patient is in urgent need of medical attention. This virus causes complications in just one out of each four patients. Experts say the virus attacks more populated areas, like He administered attacks in Chinese cities. additionally , the virus spreads to animals that are attacked and live on the brink of humans.

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