Akli Fairuz (Persija Banda Aceh)


Akli Fairuz (Persija Banda Aceh)

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A footballer from Persija Banda Aceh, Akli Fairuz, suffered an injury while competing against PSAP Sigli. Reporting from Indosport, Akli was injured in the match because he was hit by the goalkeeper’s leg when he was in the opponent’s goal in the stomach.

The deadly incident occurred in May 2014 and caused Akli to lose his life after being rushed to the hospital to undergo a series of operations, but unfortunately, his life was not saved.

Sekou Camara (Pelita Bandung Raya / PBR)

Not when competing, but the position of the attacker at Pelita Bandung Raya (PBR) was reported from Rappler, declared dead while undergoing training on 27 July 2013. Although this footballer is from Mali, he worked his way up on the Indonesian soccer team, Pelita Bandung Raya.

Sekou was injured while training due to a heart attack. But his life was beyond help after being rushed to the hospital. He died at the age of 28 at the time and his body was returned to his native land, Mali, West Africa.

Jumadi Abdi (Persiba Balikpapan and PKT Bontang)

Jumadi Abdi indeed started his football career for 8 years at Persiba Balikpapan, after finally joining the Bontang PKT. But it was unexpected, the midfielder who was then 26 years old, died on March 25, 2009 when his team competed against Persela Lamongan.

Jumadi was then injured due to a kick in the abdomen by a player from his team rivals. But his life could not be helped after undergoing a series of operations in the hospital because of injuries in the internal organs.

Eri Irianto (Persebaya Surabaya)

Midfielder from the Surabaya football club Persebaya, Eri Irianto, also suffered an injury when his team competed against PSIM Yogyakarta. He died on April 3, 2000 at the age of 26 at that time.

Eri was declared dead due to a heart attack at the Dr. Soetomo, after passing out on the gridiron in a match with his Central Java rival.


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